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                                               What is blog




Blog is one of the popular platform to share our thoughts, ideas and experiences. Generally we write our experiences and important notes in diaries. Like that we can share our thoughts in this platform.This is small introduction about blogging. Every one has some of their own experiences in our life. You can share that experiences through blogging. If you are having some hobbies we can blog about that also. You are having some interests like cooking and travel , you can start about that also. Blogging creates social relationship between you and your visitors. You can connect with people easily and share your thoughts . Internet became good tool for it. We share our ideas through blogging very easily. For this we need internet only if you start free blogging.


Website is collection of webpages under single domain. The few examples of website is, the website may contain multimedia content and published by at least one web server. Website  is various types like personal, business and government. Images, simple text and videos may be included in websites.WWW is short form of  World Wide Web . WWW is network of online content .It may include web browsers , HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) .

What is difference between website and blog

There is few differences in blog and websites


    1.  Blog is having some post and whatever you post latest it will become first in our home page.
That means your updated post will be first and all other will be next.

2. It  is having comment section.Using this comment section you can connect with your visitors and it lead to improve your traffic in your blog.

3. We may subscribe and send newsletter to visitors.

4. Blog is used by single user. One single person can maintain blog.

5. Blog  can be used for share your thoughts and experiences and memories.


   1. Website is having webcontent and the webpages is static one.
   2. It will not have comment box
   3.   It will not have subscription box
   4. Website is maintained by group of people called employers.
   5. Website may sell some products, offer free games, to see some  business     information like stock market like that.

    Free blog

        The person who write blog is called as blogger. Some websites provides write people blog free. Blog is one of the product of google offers free blogging. It will give subdomain  as our free domain. You can choose your domain name and it will be, are some other websites gives free blogging.

Parts of blog
Parts of blog

The blog is having four parts and it is

1.The Header

2. The Body (concept)

3. The Side bar

4. The Footer

1.   The  Header

               The header is one important part in blog and in header portion we can write the topic of the blog. When visitors come to your blog they will give first look in your blog. So make blog header impressive and creative.We may add the features of tagline and logo in blog. Add the images and graphic design also to increase traffic. If you put blog name in your header visitors will understand clearly about your blog.

2.   The Body


                  The body is important and main part of blog.In this part we can write articles which is collections of datas.Visitors will follow depends upon this part of post. It is called also content.

3.The side bar

       It  shorter piece of text accompanies a article and it appears at side
of article.The blog include one are two side bars. Some times it may have three or four side bars.It is best for put text link ads and video ads to make it is important part for bloggers.

3.   The Footer

           The footer is bottom of web page  and we may put disclaimers, privacy policies and some links. The footer is coded in either HTML(HyperText Markup Language) or CSS(Cascading Style Sheets).
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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Lord Shiva - Part 2

Lord shiva

Shiva is only one almighty for this world. He became two with parvati devi. He became three as brahma, Vishnu, Rudra. Shiva is four Vedas. He became five as  panchendriya.

He is in all jivatmas and he is pure. He is head four all jivatmas and adi shakti. He can control eight directions. Shiva will come and help their devotees if they call . If you call surely he will give his grace. He is having motherliness. He is agni. He is cool then water. He is water, sky and mountain. He is everything in this world. He is form of sound and light.

He only decides all our fate. He is undestroyable one. He can give unlimited happiness to us. He is father for all jivatmas. He is creator, protector, destroyer.

The meaning of shiva is that he is having mangal. He can do goodness to all jivatmas. He is unchangeable. He is having lot of sympathy on jivatmas. If you are devotee of shiva you may do virtue on your previous birth. Then only you can become devotee of shiva. If you got his grace you will get strong mind. If you heard about him, you get jnana. If you have strong bhakti on shiva you can come out of all your sins.

If you unable to do pooja to shiva, you can give little water to him, that is enough for him. If you unable to give anything. You can think about him, that is enough for him. He will live forever. He is very handsome. He can remove diseases of your body. He is mool for brahma. He can remove maya from you. He is all the directions. He is only true. He is in upanishads and puranas. He is very calm. He is adhi for all creations. He is guru to all of us. He is past, present, future.

He is all slokas and mantras. He is living inside, outside and opposite side of all jivatmas. He is living in all devs. He is in all seven worlds. He is inside of pranava OM. He is inside of atom and sky. He is living in light. He is darkness also. He is form of jnana. The devotee of shiva will not fear for anything.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

vibhuti - the holy ash




Shaivam is one of hindu tradition followed by common people who is considers Lord shiva is only one almighty in this world. The people who follows shaivam is called Shaivites. The shaivites having three tools important to reach lord shiva. one is Vibhuti, Rudraksha beads, Mool mantra of Lord shiva.

Here we see about vibhuti. Vibhuti is holy ash. The devotees of shiva used to apply in their body. The object which we put in agni(fire) it will become black colour. Then it will become ash colour. Vibhuti is made using cow’s dung. Cow’s dung is put in fire and it becomes vibhuti. It is having colours of white, golden, red like that. The white colour vibhuti is good one.

Vibhuti removes effect of karma of jivatmas. It symbolizes unstableness of this world. Finally this world will become ash one day. It states that Death is unavoidable one. It removes all of our bad character.

It is one of the sacred stuff. We will not put this vibhuti in plastic boxes. we should store in silk cloth.

How we should apply vibhuti

We apply vibhuti without spilling. Take this vibhuti with first three fingers of right hand and apply from starting point to ending point of your forehead saying shiva shiva. Face north or east when you applies vibhuti.

Where we should apply vibhuti

You can apply vibhuti in sixteen places of our body. the head, forehead, two chest, two shoulders, two elbows, two wrists, two ribs, novel, neck, two ears.

The vibhuti is applied at Sandhya kal, Suryauday, Sunsets, After taking bath, Before and after pooja, Before and after sleep.

It will remove diseases of our body. It will remove all of our sorrow. It will removes effect of karma. It will give bhakti, moksha and siddhi. It will remove desire from our mind. It is pure and sacred one. One who applies vibhuti they will get good stage in their life.

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